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Tomorrow’s geoscience careers will be unrecognisable from today's

Geoscience’s associations with the oil and gas industry have made it less desirable in an age where young people want to have a positive impact on the climate. At the same time, the rate of transition away from these areas will make the field unrecognisable by the middle of most of their careers. How do you go about inspiring a new generation of young geoscientists?

University outreach all too often advertises these subjects through lectures and presentations that fail to spark the imagination of young people or engage deeply with issues that are most relevant today. Working with researchers at the Imperial college Department of Earth Sciences and Engineering, we set out to explore how to give young people agency over their futures, and to understand how to make geoscience resonate to them.

We made two games to re-imagine the future of Geoscience

To address some of these uncertainties we asked 60 researchers from the department of earth sciences to share their predictions for the future of their field. We then turned these predictions into two virtual games to help prospective students to imagine what their careers could look like in 20-30 years time.

Inspired by Situation Lab's "The Thing from the Future" one game lets young people randomly combine predictions, objects and geoscience topics to create new ideas for possible futures. A second game uses a simple ‘would-you-rather’ format to start a discussion with researchers about their future careers.

Imagining the future has been show to boost students' sense of agency and interest in STEM subjects. With this game we helped young people make geoscience fun and relevant to young people while demonstrating the breadth of possible future careers.  The game has become a fixture of the department's regular outreach programme.

"I was amazed by one of the discussions in the second game, we discussed would you rather for almost 15 mins!"

Imperial Research Fellow
Imperial Research Fellow

"The Geofutures game was really fun and could spark up some good debates with even larger groups of students"

Young Person FG 2
Young Person

"Dr Victoria introduced us to new careers that I personally found interesting but have never heard of before"

Young Person FG1
Young Person
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